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serge_malov's Journal

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Sergey Malovatov
4 January 1971
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Psychology and philosophy have been my primary interests since childhood. Tongue-in-cheek speaking, I was growing in a house full of all sorts of toys like poiuyts, rubin’s figures, necker cubes, kaleidoscope puzzles, and funny heuristic games. My play room was always a total mess of toys and pieces of furniture all in constant rotation and translation beyond any scale, with all kinds of deformations, changing lighting, and component features, that defied invariably any possible perception of order. My best friend, a classic Dalmatian dog, to this day stands as a whole in my mind’s eye, his feet, ears, nose, tail, and all, sniffing around. In the same manner, the walls in my room, from the ceiling to the floor, were plastered with poster girls’ pictures that seemed to me back then to contain more explicit spatial information than the sensory stimulus on which they were based. We were growing up not like separable units modeled individually. Our block designs turned us into different aspects of one single unified dynamic mechanism, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.


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